MATG XXI - August 3-6, 2017

Vendors will be added to this list as they are confirmed.

EcoTec Miata
The guys from MT Motorsports will be joining us again this year. They will be bringing at least one of their Miatas with the GM Ecotec engine swapped in. You can find out more information either from their website at or on their Facebook Page.
Fab9 Tuning
Bryan and the crew from Fab9 Tuning will be making the drive down from Michigan and will be setup in the Vendor's area during MATG XX. Please come visit them and check out their upgrades and tuning options for all generations of Miatas. You can learn more about Fab9 and what they offer through their website at or on their Facebook Page.
Geri's Bazaar
Geri and Don will be trekking up from Low Country to join us. Geri is the original designer and manufacturer of custom- fit Miata luggage. Hand-made items using only high quality components with custom embroidery. Geri's work is only top-notch.

You can see all the items she offers at or in person at MATG XX.
"KMiata delivers in the form of impressive, naturally-aspirated, four cylinder power that the Miata community has long-clamored for. And while the K series has been given rear-wheel-drive treatment in the past, the Miata conversion is something special. With the strongest 4 cylinder Honda engine and lightweight Miata chassis at its disposal, the KMiata conversion pairs the best of both worlds and proves to be a fast, reliable and affordable all-around package to suit the needs of performance driving and track enthusiasts alike."

You can find more information on their website at and on Facebook.
Moss Motors
"Since its start in 1948, and still today, Moss Motors is a company run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Our customers drive and maintain vehicles that reflect golden days of British motoring and sports cars, and many of these dedicated individuals have been our customers for decades."

Moss Miata is sponsoring the Free Ice Cream on Saturday during MATG XX. Check out the Events section for more info.

You can find Moss Motors online at or on Facebook.
Palm Breeze Car Care
Lori, Kristi, and the gang from Palm Breeze Car Care will be at MATG again this year selling their waterless car care supplies and performing masterful detail cleaning on the spot. Come drop your car off, prowl around the Vendor's Area, get an ice cream cone, and then pick up your freshly cleaned and detailed Miata courtesy of the girls at Palm Breeze.

You can find Palm Breeze Car Care on Facebook.
Ride Rage Powdercoating
Dan and Carla will be joining MATG again this year and bringing some of his custom powdercoated items. You can see some samples of his craftsmanship in person at MATG on a multitude of Miatas. He's well known within the Miata community as one of the premiere powdercoaters.

You can find Ride Rage Powdercoating online
SuperFast Miatas
BJ and Norm will be joining us at MATG for the first time. They offer a motor swap kit to drop in a Honda J-series V6. With engines readily available in the junkyard in many different Hondas and Acuras, and most developing 240 hp in stock form, this is an excellent option to make more power.

You can find SuperFast Miatas online
Track Minded Performance
They are a performance shop based in Marietta, GA specializing in track cars. Their primary focus is Miatas however they service and modify vehicles across a wide range.
They offer the best parts & service focused on enhancing performance and providing safety. Their goal is to help you turn your car into a track minded machine!

You can find Track Minded Performance online
V8 Roadsters
The guys at V8 Roadsters typically bring several different Miatas with GM V6 and V8s swapped in. They also offer custom tublar sub-frames, lightweight billet control arms, big brake kits, and suspension setups for all generations of Miatas. Come see them in person or check out their website and Facebook pages.

You can find V8 Roadsters online at or on Facebook.

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